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Creation of color palettes from keywords.
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ColorMagic is an AI-powered color palette generator that enables users to generate color palettes from a wide range of keywords. These keywords include nature-related images such as flower fields, aquariums, sunsets, autumn leaves, and vegetables, as well as more abstract concepts like campfire, fruits, cute, forest, sunflower, romantic, sunset, spring, youthful, snowboarding, red brick, beach, energetic, aquarium, winter, unicorn, chocolate, and sea.

ColorMagic allows users to easily and quickly create their ideal color palette with minimal effort. It also offers a login feature, as well as terms of use and privacy policies.


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ColorMagic was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 4th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Creates palettes from keywords
Generates natural and abstract palettes
Wide range of keyword options
Ease of use
Quick color palette creation
Includes login feature
Detailed terms of use
Comprehensive privacy policies
Ability to generate from image
Supports various themes
Sea theme support
Supports winter theme
Supports unicorn theme
Vegetable theme generator
Flower field theme support
Automated color generation
Detailed page description
Multi-lingual support


Lacks customization options
No API integration
No multi-language support
Limited keyword choices
No preview feature
Limited palette size
Lacks advanced settings
No user guide
Unable to save palettes
No mobile version
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