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ByMickael Messali
Crafting tees with your ideas, designed & shipped to you!
GPT welcome message: Abracadabra! Ready to make your tee ideas tee-rifically real?
Sample prompts:
Can you design a shirt for my band?
How about a vintage style t-shirt?
I need a team shirt with a logo.
Create a t-shirt for my coffee shop.
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T-Shirt Designer is a GPT aimed at transforming your t-shirt ideas into reality. The tool facilitates full customization allowing the users to create shirts for a wide range of purposes including team shirts, band merchandise, vintage styled shirts, and even customized apparel for businesses like coffee shops.

Once your idea has been fed into the GPT, it leverages its design capabilities to create a design that fits your description. The resultant designs are then available for you to get printed on your apparels.

Sign up is required to avail this service and it also requires a ChatGPT Plus subscription. The initial welcome message sets a playful and creative tone inviting the users to turn their 'tee-ideas' into 'tee-rifically real' products.

Various prompt starters are provided to help users begin their design journey suggesting that the tool can imagine designs for different genres from retro to professional logos.

The goal of this GPT is to make personalized t-shirt design an accessible and simple process.


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