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Custom t-shirt design service.
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CPUmade is an AI-based tool that allows users to create and design their own unique t-shirts. The tool works by using an AI model to generate a personalized design based on the user's description of what they want to create.

Once a design is chosen, users can customize the t-shirt's color and size and add it to their cart for purchase. CPUmade also offers a community section where users can browse and sort designs by popularity, as well as follow their favorite makers for updates on their latest designs.

The company's FAQ section addresses common questions about the product, including the cost (currently set at £30), global shipping options, and returns policy (only available in the case of a print error).

They also have a section dedicated to their responsible AI innovation efforts and their commitment to supporting early-career creatives. Additionally, CPUmade offers an affiliate program that allows creators to earn money by promoting the tool and showcasing their designs.

Overall, CPUmade offers a unique way to use AI for creative expression and personalized fashion design. The tool's user-friendly interface and community features make it accessible and enjoyable for a wide range of users.


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CPUmade was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 16th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Generates personalized designs
Comprehensive customization options
Community section feature
Sort designs by popularity
Follow favorite makers updates
Dedicated FAQ section
Affiliate program available
Supports early-careers creatives
Unique way for creative expression
User-friendly interface
Global shipping
Return due to print error
Free postage and packaging
Creates based on user's descriptions


£30 per t-shirt
No returns unless print error
Potential copyright issues
Community design misuse
Limited design customization
Global shipping times
Cannot preview shipping cost
Reliant on user description accuracy
No bulk order discounts
Limits on design complexity


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What is the community feature on CPUmade?
How much does a t-shirt cost on CPUmade?
Does CPUmade ship internationally?
What is CPUmade's return policy?
How does CPUmade approach responsible AI innovation?
Does CPUmade have any programs to support early-career creatives?
Can I earn money by promoting CPUmade?
What is CPUmade's affiliate program?
Is there a way to browse designs created by other CPUmade users?
How can I become a CPUmade affiliate?
What is CPUmade's end goal with AI?
Does CPUmade have a blog?
Can I send a gift card via CPUmade?
How does CPUmade's AI model work?
Does CPUmade have a contact or support team?
Is it only possible to return a t-shirt if there's a print error?
Can I follow my favourite makers on CPUmade?


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