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Curtain, blind, and upholstery fabric design.
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FabricGenie is an AI-powered tool provided by The Millshop Online that allows users to design unique and stunning print designs for curtains, blinds and upholstery fabrics.

This tool is available free of charge and does not require any additional software or downloads. With FabricGenie, users can create custom fabric designs that suit their personal style and preferences.

The tool provides a wide range of options for fabric types, including upholstery fabrics and curtain fabrics. Users can choose from various fabric styles such as printed fabric, plain fabric, velvet fabric, wool fabric, and sustainable fabric, among others.

In addition to the design capabilities, FabricGenie also offers a selection of upholstery supplies and curtain sundries for users to complete their projects.

These include items like cushions, flameproof cloth, upholstery foam, curtain accessories, blackout curtain linings, and curtain poles, among others. FabricGenie allows users to access the tool and its features regardless of their location.

The Millshop Online provides shipping options to various countries and offers the convenience of shopping in different currencies. Overall, FabricGenie is a powerful AI tool that enables users to unleash their creativity and design one-of-a-kind fabric prints for their curtains, blinds, and upholstery projects.


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FabricGenie was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on July 22nd 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Free tool
No additional software required
Custom fabric designs
Numerous fabric type options
Upholstery and curtain supplies
Remote access
Multinational shipping
Currency options
Create unique prints
Design with own words
Complement room and palette
Converts uploaded images to designs
Matches designs to prints
Inspiration by hobbies, movies, seasons
Designs saved for six months
Process takes five minutes
Designs for commercial purpose
Returns on faulty products
Specify design exclusivity
20 design requests per day
Uploads images or patterns
Supports PNG, GIF, JPG formats


Limited to 20 requests daily
Not exact design matches
Limited image format options
Potential delays during peak times
Transient data storage (6 months)
Does not own copyright
Dispatch delay for custom-made products
Charges for fabric samples
Specific exclusivity request required


What is FabricGenie?
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How is FabricGenie powered by AI?
Does FabricGenie require any additional software or downloads?
How can I create custom fabric designs with FabricGenie?
What are the fabric types available in FabricGenie?
Can FabricGenie suggest designs based on my room images?
Does FabricGenie offer upholstery supplies?
Can I access FabricGenie from anywhere?
What countries does The Millshop Online ship to?
Can I shop in different currencies using FabricGenie?
Is this service free?
Is FabricGenie also suitable for professionals in the fabric and design industry?
What are the limitations of using FabricGenie?
How to get my designed fabric?
Can I use my own images for FabricGenie?
Can I save my designs for future uses?
What is the refund policy for custom-made products with FabricGenie?
Does FabricGenie have any usage restrictions?


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