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Instantly tailored fashion guidance for outfits.
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Ask Klëm is a fashion query tool that provides personalized answers in real-time. Developed by Klem Digital Wardrobe Technology, this tool aims to assist busy individuals with their fashion-related concerns.

By downloading the Ask Klëm app on iOS or Android devices, users can access a convenient wardrobe assistant at their fingertips.With Ask Klëm, users can ask specific questions about fashion, style, or outfit choices and receive tailored responses to their queries.

The tool utilizes advanced algorithms and expert knowledge to offer relevant insights and suggestions. By leveraging its vast fashion expertise, Ask Klëm can help users make informed decisions and enhance their personal style.The app enables users to obtain real-time assistance, ensuring prompt responses to their fashion questions.

Whether users need advice on choosing the right outfit for an occasion or tips on accessorizing, Ask Klëm delivers personalized recommendations based on individual preferences and current trends.Utilizing cookies, Ask Klëm also gathers insights on user behavior to improve the overall experience.

Users can refer to the app's cookie notice and privacy statement to understand how their data is used.Overall, Ask Klëm serves as a reliable and convenient fashion advisor for those with limited time to devote to curating their wardrobe.

With its ability to provide personalized answers in real-time, this tool offers valuable assistance for fashion-conscious individuals seeking guidance and inspiration.


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Ask Klem was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on July 30th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Personalized answers
Real-time responses
iOS and Android compatible
Vast fashion expertise
User behavior insights
Privacy statement included
Tailored fashion guidance
Outfit and style advice
Current trend considerations
Easy access
Busy individual targeting
Data usage transparency
Third-party tracking information
Convenient wardrobe assistant
Enhances personal style
Prompt responses to queries
Personalized recommendations
Utilizes advanced algorithms
Specific query responses
Improves overall experience


iOS and Android only
No web platform
Limited to fashion queries
No offline functionality
Doesn't allow manual preferences
Relies heavily on cookies
No multi-user feature
Potentially biased algorithms
Restrictive privacy policy
No language specification


What is Ask Klëm?
How does Ask Klëm provide fashion advice?
Where can I download Ask Klëm?
Is Ask Klëm available on both iOS and Android?
How fast does Ask Klëm respond to queries?
Does Ask Klëm tailor recommendations based on individual preferences?
What kind of algorithms does Ask Klëm use?
Does Ask Klëm provide advice on accessorizing?
Can Ask Klëm help me choose the right outfit for an event?
Does Ask Klëm use cookies?
How can I learn more about Ask Klëm's privacy policy?
What kind of personal data does Ask Klëm collect?
Can Ask Klëm help me enhance my personal style?
Does Ask Klëm track user behavior?
What kind of expert knowledge does Ask Klëm use to provide advice?
Who developed Ask Klëm?
What information can I find on Ask Klëm's Home page?
Can Ask Klëm really contribute to my wardrobe decisions?
How does Ask Klëm gather insights on user behavior?
Can Ask Klëm offer suggestions based on current fashion trends?


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