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React components from Figma designs made easy.
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Quest is a tool that allows users to generate React components from their Figma designs and export clean, extendable code. It offers built-in support for popular design systems like MUI and Chakra UI.

With Quest, users can easily build React apps without writing a single line of code. The tool provides an integrated animation library, which enables users to create state and variant animations without any coding.

It also allows users to convert their Figma design into React code, generating clean and extendable code that can be pushed to a GitHub repository and launched when ready.

Quest supports the creation of responsive, multi-screen experiences with custom breakpoints. Users can build full apps or pages with nested components, and the tool generates industry standard React components adhering to best industry practices.

One of the notable features of Quest is its intelligent separation of concerns between the presentation layer and business logic. This allows users to easily update designs without having to rewrite their code.

The tool also ensures that users have full control over their code and offers seamless integration with various design systems. Quest is designed for development teams, offering features such as App and Workspace organization to facilitate collaboration and efficient workflows.

The tool provides structured design templates, MUI-based components, and over 1000 templates and components to speed up app development. Trusted by companies like LVMH and Dr.

Reddy's, Quest is built to meet the demands of the most demanding product teams, providing the ability to generate pixel-perfect code from Figma designs in a fraction of the time.


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Pros and Cons


Generates React components from Figma
Exports clean, extendable code
Built-in support for MUI, Chakra UI
Integrated animation library
Allows state and variant animations
Automatically pushes code to GitHub
Custom breakpoints for responsive design
Intelligent separation of presentation layer and business logic
Maintains code control for users
Facilitates team collaboration with App and Workspace organization
Structured design templates
Over 1000 templates and components
Trusted by respected companies
Ensures industry-standard React components
Compatible with custom design systems
Supports multi-screen experiences
Nested components for full apps/pages
Allows design updates without code rewriting
Aids in efficient workflows
Built for demanding product teams
Generates pixel-perfect code
No-code development
Built with developers in mind
Supports future design system integration
Mitigates vendor lock-in risks
No loss of code ownership
Comes with extensive Feature List
Allows exports of complete React apps
Reduces development tediousness
Simplifies responsiveness creation
Offers flexibility in export options
Assists in faster app building
Increases efficiency for product teams
Aids agencies in project completion
Facilitates faster startup product launch
Compatible with design and dev tools
Automatically converts MUI-based components to React code
Can add to existing applications
Supports component library (MUI)
Generates production-ready code
Enhances frontend resource availability
Automates code generation for non-critical aspects
Comes with plugin for Figma
Features available for XD and Sketch users
Offers component templates
Provides samples and docs for reference
Supports Web3 use case


Restricted to Figma designs
Reliance on specific design systems
Limited to React components
No non-React code generation
Doesn't support all design systems
No built-in version control
No offline mode
Limited animation library
Custom breakpoints required
Limited nested components support


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How does Quest support app development teams?
Can I use Quest to push my design to a GitHub repository?
What companies trust and use Quest?
How does Quest generate real, useful code?
Does Quest allow design preview before pushing to GitHub?
Does Quest support integration of custom design systems?
What kind of control does Quest give users over their code?
What resources does Quest provide for learning app development?
Can I use Quest to build full apps?
Does Quest provide pre-built templates and components?
How does the Quest support collaboration and organization within development teams?

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