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Level-up Your Creativity, Productivity & Workflows with World's 1st-Ever Generative AI Apps Pack
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AppyHigh Prime is a comprehensive membership service designed to provide access to a suite of premium AI tools. With a prime subscription, members gain exclusive access to flagship generative AI tools including ImagineGO Text to Image Generator, PixelGO Photo & Video Enhancer, and AI Avatar Maker.

Additionally, the prime service grants PRO access to various productivity, social media, utility tools, and more. The process to use AppyHigh Prime involves signing up and activating the PRO membership on the chosen app via exclusive coupons shared with users.

This membership service is designed to work across platforms, with participating apps available on both Android and iOS. Users can also manage their subscriptions, including renewal options, through the AppyHigh website, making the usage journey highly flexible and user-friendly.

Overall, it enhances user creativity, productivity, and workflows through a range of versatile applications.


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Pros and Cons


Access to premium tools
Exclusive access with subscription
Multi-functionality (Creativity, Productivity, Social Media)
Accessible on Android and iOS
Subscription management via website
User-friendly interface
Exclusive coupons for activation
Manage renewals online
Accessible from multiple devices
Premium ad-free experience
Single payment for multiple apps
Multi-platform support for apps
Access to removed apps
Subscription valid for one year
Option to renew subscription
Easy app switching process
Supports multiple payment options
Access to highly secure apps
Strict data privacy practices
Quality checked apps
Saves 25% on individual subscriptions
Immediate customer support
Provision for developers to list apps
Invoice provided for transactions
Restore purchases on new device


Requires annual subscription
Costly membership at $299
App uninstallation erases PRO access
Subscription cancellation doesn't refund
PRO-coupons, cumbersome to manage
No option to pause subscription
Limited device installation flexibility
No refund policy
Involves using coupon codes
Consistent updates required


What is AppyHigh Prime?
What are the benefits of becoming an AppyHigh Prime member?
Which tools do I have access to with an AppyHigh Prime membership?
How do I subscribe to the AppyHigh Prime service?
Can I use AppyHigh Prime on both Android and iOS?
How do I manage my AppyHigh Prime subscriptions?
Is AppyHigh Prime user-friendly?
Does AppyHigh Prime impact my creativity or workflow process?
How does the ImagineGO Text to Image Generator work?
What does the PixelGO Photo & Video Enhancer do?
How does the AI Avatar Maker improve my avatar creations?
What productivity tools are included in AppyHigh Prime?
What social media tools are available via AppyHigh Prime?
What utility tools are available in the AppyHigh Prime package?
How do I activate my PRO membership?
Can I hold more than one PRO membership at a time on AppyHigh Prime?
How do I utilize the exclusive coupons shared with AppyHigh Prime users?
Can I access my AppyHigh Prime subscription on multiple devices?
How secure are the apps available on AppyHigh Prime?
How does AppyHigh Prime handle my personal data?

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