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Build AI-powered apps for your business.
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Appsmith offers a low-code application development platform that incorporates AI functionalities allowing users to build intelligent business applications.

This includes chat, document analysis tools and data analysis tools. Appsmith focuses on improving productivity and efficiency of development teams while also offering real-time insights to the business.

Custom interfaces for specific business needs can be created and integrated with any large language model (LLM). It offers pre-fabricated AI actions like text analysis, image classification, and semantic search.

These AI actions can be manipulated to provide multi-turn conversations and semantic search when needed. Users can provide contextual prompt intelligence by connecting AI actions to any available database or API, bringing in additional data that supports semantic searches and recommendations.

The platform adds an extra layer of security by incorporating users, logins and access controls. Enterprises can integrate these apps with their existing CICD processes and safeguard their data with self-hosted deployment options.

Appsmith also provides AI co-pilots throughout the platform, that give contextual help whenever required. Its platform is open-source, enhancing opportunities for customization and adaptation.


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Pros and Cons


Low-code development
Productivity and efficiency enhancement
Real-time insights
Customizable interfaces
LLM integration
Text analysis feature
Image classification feature
Semantic search feature
Multi-turn conversation capability
Additional data integration
Secure user management
Access control functionality
CICD processes integration
Self-hosted deployment options
Open-source platform
Business-specific needs catered
Interactive chat tools
Document analysis tools
Data analysis tools
Database/API connectivity
Semantic searches and recommendations
User login incorporation
Contextual prompt intelligence
Enterprise-grade security
Customization and adaptation
Supports multi-turn conversations
Custom JS objects pairing
Vector database support
Data embedding in database
SCIM, SSO integration
Real business value delivery
Reports generation feature


Requires knowledge of LLM
No stated mobile compatibility
Predominantly database/API-driven
Requires knowledge of JS
No mention of offline functionality
Requires self-hosted deployments
Complex setup for enterprises


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Why should I choose Appsmith for developing AI-powered applications?

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