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Open-source platform to monitor, manage and improve your LLM apps.
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Lunary is an open-source AI developer platform to monitor, manage, and improve LLM apps. It performs essential functions like logs and debugging of LLM agents, enabling developers to trace errors and label data for fine-tuning.

Lunary also provides a cost monitoring feature, segmented by user and model; this aids in optimizing costs. With its benchmarking feature, you can experiment with prompts and models to find the best performing ones.

Lunary enables recording of user conversations, helping identify gaps in your chatbot's knowledge. It also has a provision to help you create templates and collaborate on prompts with non-technical teammates.

Other notable features include hosting for your data with secure self-host options and compliances to ensure maximum security. Furthermore, it provides an open-source community for developers, live tail features, an efficient search function, label data, prompts and a complete API.

Lunary also provides alerts for outlier results and errors.


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Pros and Cons


Open-source platform
LLM apps monitoring
LLM apps management
LLM apps improvement
Precise logs and debugging
Error tracing
Data labelling for fine-tuning
Cost monitoring segmented by user, model
Benchmarking for models, prompts
User conversations recording
Chatbot knowledge gap identification
Non-technical teammates collaboration
Text templates creation
Secure data hosting
Self-host options available
Compliances for maximum security
Open-source community for developers
Live tail features
Efficient search function
Complete API
Outlier results alerts
Error alerts
Captures user feedback
Dev-friendly frontend integration
Source-code cleaner
Versioning feature
A/B testing module
Easy to integrate
Track error stacks
Auto cost & token calculations
No-code benchmarking
Test open-source models
Prompt Versioning
Alerts for outlier results
Instant search and filters
Data tagging for easy filter
Frontend SDK for chat tracking
20+ model playgrounds
Python compatible
Data hosted in EU
Self-hostable options
Evaluate prompt efficiency
Public API available
Replays entire chats
Agent tracing feature
Feedback tracking capability
Supports LangChain


Limited to LLM apps
No multi-language support
No mobile app
No offline functionality
No real-time collaboration
No local installation
Data center in EU only
ISO 27001 certification pending
No SLA for service uptime
Limited free usage

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