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TripGuru is an AI travel planner available on the App Store. Users can download the app to their iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. The app allows users to read reviews, compare customer ratings, and view screenshots before making travel-related decisions.

TripGuru aims to simplify the travel planning process by leveraging artificial intelligence. With this tool, users can receive personalized recommendations and suggestions based on their preferences and interests.

It uses AI algorithms to analyze user data, such as past travel history and preferences, to provide tailored travel recommendations.The app's main features include the ability to search for flights, hotels, and tourist attractions.

Users can also access information about transportation options, such as car rentals or public transportation. Additionally, TripGuru provides users with itineraries and suggestions for activities and points of interest in various locations.By using AI technology, TripGuru aims to streamline the travel planning process and enhance the user experience by offering personalized recommendations and suggestions.

The tool helps users make informed decisions by providing relevant information and options based on their individual preferences. It also saves users time and effort by simplifying the research and planning process.Overall, TripGuru is an AI travel planner designed to assist users in planning their trips by offering personalized recommendations and suggestions based on their preferences and interests.


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TripGuru was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on July 12th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Available on App Store
Personalized recommendations
Analyzes past travel history
Search functionality for flights, hotels
Information on transport options
Generates itineraries, activity suggestions
User-centered recommendations
Streamlines research, planning
User reviews and ratings
Capable of taking screenshots
Option to compare customer ratings
Access to attractions info
In-app purchases for extended services
Regular app updates
Transparent privacy practices
Travel planning by ChatGPT
Pre-generated trips for inspiration
Tailored recommendations


Only available on iOS
Limited language support - English
Lacks multi-device synchronization
In-App purchases required
No web-based interface
Auto-renewal subscription model
Past reviews data not transparent
No explicit user community
Promotes only popular destinations
No explicit offline functionality


What is TripGuru?
How does TripGuru use AI?
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Can TripGuru suggest activities and points of interest?
Does TripGuru provide information on transportation options?
How does TripGuru personalize travel recommendations?
Can I compare customer ratings and read reviews with TripGuru?
Is TripGuru available on the App Store?
Which devices is TripGuru compatible with?
Does TripGuru provide travel itineraries?
Can TripGuru help me search for flights and hotels?
How is TripGuru useful in vacation planning?
How can TripGuru streamline the travel planning process?
Is there any cost associated with using TripGuru?
Does TripGuru provide user support?
What features does the TripGuru app offer?
Can TripGuru analyze my past travel history?
Does TripGuru offer in-app purchases?
Are there any privacy or data concerns associated with using TripGuru?
How often is TripGuru updated?


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