Travel itineraries 2023-12-16
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Booking multi-city Eurotrips made easy
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With a vision to simplify your multi-city European trip planning, offers an AI-powered planner that assists with personalized experience. It provides you with customized itineraries and lets you make easy bookings for an unforgettable European adventure.

On, multi-modal transportation options, from flights to trains and ferries, are seamlessly combined in one booking for user convenience. Based on factors such as actual visits, best time to travel, and cost, the AI algorithm designs well-optimized travel plans, making sure there are no hidden inconvenient airports and shunning connecting flights.

Additional features include a 24/7 dedicated support before and during your trip, curated direct flights, all tickets in one booking that saves time and reduce hassles.

There's also an automatic check-in service that provides mobile/print boarding passes 1-2 days before departure, and information on airline baggage allowances.

To ensure a smooth travel experience, the platform offers alternative flights at their expense if there are sudden changes or cancellations in your initial flight plan.

Recommended travel routes are based on prices received from official partnering organizations, ensuring a budget-friendly journey.


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Pros and Cons


Personalized travel experience
Multi-modal transportation included
Single booking convenience
Optimized travel plans
24/7 Support
Direct flights only
Automatic check-in service
Ticket delivery in one email
Alternative flights for changes/cancellations
Pricing from official partners
No hidden inconvenient airports
Information on airline baggage allowances
Protection from changes/cancellations
Budget-friendly journey
Hassle-free bookings
Recommendations for best travel time
Seamless integration of flights, trains, ferries
Effective use of actual visit data
User-friendly interface


Limited to European travel
Lack of pricing transparency
No non-flight options viewable
Cancellation protections unclear
Limited to multicity trips
No Android app visible
No accommodation booking feature
No solo-city vacation planning
Limited data behind recommendations


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Does provide mobile/print boarding passes?
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