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Smart travel itinerary planning with customization.
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The triipper tool is an AI-driven personalized travel planner that aims to eliminate the stress of trip planning. It uses artificial intelligence to create bespoke itineraries that reflect the user's unique style and preferences.

The tool focuses on creating memorable and perfectly executed journeys, rather than just planning the trip.The Locality Explorer feature of the tool provides curated information and recommendations about specific locations.

It helps users discover the best attractions, restaurants, bars, events, and activities in any city or town. This feature is useful for users who are currently on a trip or in a city and want to know what to do, as well as those conducting research for an upcoming trip.The Itinerary Generator feature allows users to build personalized trip itineraries for specific destinations.

Users can select up to two destinations, choose the type of trip they desire, and define their preferences. The tool takes into account the importance of different aspects such as adventure, tranquility, urban or rural settings to create a tailored itinerary.

This feature is beneficial for users who want to plan a daily itinerary for their trip according to their specific preferences.Overall, triipper is a useful tool for travelers looking for personalized travel planning experiences.

It leverages AI technology to create bespoke itineraries based on user preferences, ensuring every journey is unforgettable and perfectly suited to their unique style.


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Pros and Cons


Personalized travel planner
Bespoke itinerary creation
Locality Explorer feature
Curated city information
Emerging activities recommendation
Itinerary Generator feature
Multiple destinations selection
Type of trip customization
Preference-based planning
Destination Generator feature
Curated City Pages
Easy destination discovery
Account creation for personalization
Step-by-step trip guide
Downloadable itineraries
Sharable itineraries
Printable itineraries
Expert trip planning assistance
Destination suggestion based on preferences
Detailed and curated location info
Personalized trip duration
Personalized trip setting
Travel type selection
Tranquil retreat option
Urban cityscape
Recommendation on top-rated spots
Research tool for trip planning
Tailored suggestion for location
Preference-based itinerary generator
Personalized travel plans


Up to two destinations only
Login required for planning
No mobile app
Only English language
Lacks real-time updates
No API integration
No in-tool payments
No offline functionality
No user reviews for destinations
No multi-user collaboration


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Can I get a printed version of my personalized itinerary from triipper?


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