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Travel itinerary planning and assistance
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EasyTrip AI is a collection of free AI-powered tools designed to enhance the travel planning and trip experience. The Trip Itinerary Planner allows users to input their preferences and generates an optimal itinerary.

The "Where to Fly?" tool suggests destinations based on user preferences, helping users explore new places. The Hotel Finder tool assists in finding the best hotels by considering destination, budget, and preferences.

The Budget Planner helps users plan their trip budget by taking into account the destination, budget, and preferences. The Destination Tips feature provides recommendations and advice for selected destinations, including dos and don'ts, must-eat food, and what to expect.

The Language Assistant helps users learn useful phrases in the language of their destination. EasyTrip AI offers a premium plan for a one-time payment, providing unlimited access to all AI features, including customized travel itineraries, hotel recommendations, and budget planning.

The premium plan also includes access to future features as they are added. EasyTrip AI is powered by OpenAI, a leading AI technology company. The team behind EasyTrip AI, including Yonatan Goldshtein, has created this tool with care and is available for support via email.

In summary, EasyTrip AI is an AI-powered travel tool, offering various features to assist travelers in planning their trips, finding destinations, hotels, and budget planning, as well as providing tips and language assistance.


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Pros and Cons


Free basic features
Optimal itinerary generator
Suggests new destinations
Hotel recommendations
Customizable criteria: destination, budget, preferences
Automated budget planning
Destination-specific advice
Language learning assistance
Lifetime premium option
Flat-rate premium pricing
Future feature access for premium
Constantly adding new features
Developer is responsive
Individual developer, not a big company
Customized travel itineraries in premium
E-mail support
Simple and easy-to-use interface
Available via Google sign in
Featured on ProductHunt


Premium features not free
One-time payment model
No API mentioned
Depends on user's preferences
No mobile app mentioned
No offline functionality
Limited language assistance
User data privacy concerns
No integrations with other platforms


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