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App for discovering and planning adventures.
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Nowy is a travel social app that allows users to discover and plan their dream trip, from destinations to routes, with the feature of saving maps and instant bookings.

With AI-curated stories and tailored itineraries, the app offers hidden gems, seamless bookings, and connections worldwide. It also has an AI-powered pocket travel buddy that provides instant answers to travel-related questions, curates travel ideas, and enhances storytelling.

Users can create customized maps, routes, travel durations, transportation options, and instant booking with Nowy to make their journey unique. The app also has a travel social hub where users can discover authentic experiences, stories, and journals of like-minded adventurers.

Users can also attach their moments and memories to their life journey by making Nowy postcards that preserve unique memories from all their journeys.

Additionally, Nowy map offers nearby gems and unique filters, including budget ranges, rating scores, and traveler groups, to help plan the next dream trip.

Nowy's Travel Guideline is a comprehensive resource for travelers looking for information and inspiration for the next trip, including destination guides, travel tips, and recommendations for the best places to stay, eat, and explore.

With practical advice and stunning photography, Nowy's Travel Guideline is the perfect resource for making the most of every travel experience.


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Dec 14, 2023
The easiest to use for travel planning including flights, hotels, activities, meals, etc. And they the only travel planning app that I can find that is not owned by a travel company that tries to get you to their bookings. Amazing app with continuous updates! My new fave!

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Nowy was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 29th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Tailored itineraries
Instant bookings
Customizable maps
Customized routes
Customized travel durations
Customized transportation options
Travel social hub
Postcard feature for memories
Nearby gems discovery
Filter by budget
Filter by rating
Filter by traveler groups
Comprehensive travel guidelines
Destination guides
Travel tips
Restaurant recommendations
Accommodation recommendations
Stunning travel photography
Saves travel memory
Visual itinerary
Unique routing visualization
Travel type filter
Connects like-minded adventurers
Preserves unique travel memories
Seamless booking experience
Insta-answers to travel questions
User friendly interface
One-stop travel planning
In-app maps and directions
Traveler's community
Overall trip planning
Live location tracking
Trip journaling feature
Widget for website integration
Travel post collection
Star rating system
Blog section for travel advice
Wide range of worldwide attractions
Variety of trip and tour options
Social interaction functionality
Visual trip customization
Notification for new features
Availability on iOS
Downloadable app
Easy navigation
Inspirational trip ideas


Only available on iOS
Potential privacy concerns
Posting social content required
No Android version
Limited travel destinations
Excessive notifications
Bias towards popular destinations
Ads could be intrusive
Limited filters, specific groups


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What unique features does Nowy offer for trip planning?
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How can I create customized maps and routes in Nowy app?
Is there a feature in Nowy to save my travel memories?
What are the filter options provided by Nowy for trip planning?
Does Nowy provide travel guidelines for various destinations?
Is Nowy a suitable app to use for budget-conscious travelers?
Can I get travel inspiration from other users on Nowy?
Does Nowy suggest hidden gem locations for my trip?
How can I share my travel experience with others on the Nowy app?
What resources are available in Nowy's Travel Guideline?
Can I connect with other travelers using the Nowy app?
Can Nowy assist with travel-related questions during my trip?
How is Nowy different from other travel apps?
Where can I download the Nowy app?
How does Nowy enhance storytelling of my travel experiences?


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