Travel itineraries 2023-10-18
ByMasaaki Taberi
Creating tailored travel plans to suit your needs!
GPT welcome message: Hello, ready to plan your adventure?
Sample prompts:
(人気) 別府温泉を楽しむ2泊3日旅行プラン
(人気) ハワイでゆっくり9泊10日旅行プラン
(人気) ヨーロッパ周遊2週間じっくり旅行プラン
Generated by ChatGPT

The @GPT is a Global Processing Toolkit that caters to the travel planning needs of users. Crafted by Masaaki Taberi, this GPT acts like a professional, personalized travel advisor, providing suggestions for bespoke travel plans based on specific user requests.

Its main function is to suggest travel itineraries, taking into account user preferences such as destination, duration, and the kind of experience sought.

The Welcome message of this GPT invites users to plan their adventures, signaling its functionality as a travel plan designing tool. Moreover, the prompt starters provided by the GPT range from enjoying a stay at Beppu Onsen, a relaxed stay in Hawaii, to a comprehensive tour of Europe.

This GPT goes beyond just suggesting points of interest or activities, offering to plan for designated destinations, or even propose ideas when given a vague idea about where the user wants to go.

It integrates with ChatGPT Plus, elucidating its capability to facilitate interactive and responsive conversations with users. However, users are required to sign up for this service before they can start planning their unique adventures.


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@GPT was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 16th 2023.
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