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Customized travel planner.
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Haddock is an AI travel assistant that helps users plan trips based on their preferences. Whether you're going on a luxury escape, solo adventure, group getaway, romantic retreat, family vacation, outdoor expedition, business trip, or staycation, Haddock will assist you in creating personalized itineraries.

The platform offers over 12,000 fulfilled travel dreams to inspire and guide your trip planning.Haddock provides recommendations for local cafes, restaurants, and things to do in any travel destination.

By collaborating with friends, you can easily plan and customize your trip together. The AI platform generates events and insights to help you explore new cities according to your interests and preferences.

Whether you're looking for unique coffee shops or off-the-grid viewing spots, Haddock ensures that you can discover new places and experiences that you will enjoy.Planning a trip can be overwhelming, but Haddock's team is available to support you every step of the way.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns about the AI-generated itineraries, you can easily get in touch with the team through their contact information.In summary, Haddock is an AI travel assistant that simplifies and enhances the trip planning process.

It offers personalized recommendations, collaborative trip planning, and unique event generation to help you make the most of your travel experiences.


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Haddock was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 29th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Personalized travel recommendations
Collaborative trip planning feature
Unique event generation
Over 12,000 travel inspirations
Local cafe and restaurant recommendations
Generates new city exploration insights
Support team available
Ideal for various trip types
Inspires off-the-grid experiences
Encourages user preferences
Easy contact information
Popular travel destinations insights
Provides cultural hotspots
Lists foodie's paradise destinations
Shares best beach recommendations
Enhances trip planning simplicity
Facilitates friend-invite for trip collaboration
Generates authentic trip recommendations
Supports custom trip experiences


No offline access
Limited to popular cities
No flight or accommodation booking
No cross-platform compatibility
No multilingual support
No integrations with other apps
No user community for reviews
No travel emergency features
Dependency on active internet connection


What is Haddock?
How does Haddock AI create personalized itineraries?
Can I use Haddock for both personal and business trips?
What type of recommendations can Haddock provide for my travel destinations?
Is it possible to plan a trip with friends using Haddock?
How does Haddock generate events and insights for exploring new cities?
What can Haddock offer if I am looking for unique locations or experiences in a city?
How can I contact the Haddock team if I have questions about my itinerary?
In what ways does Haddock simplify the trip planning process?
Does Haddock cater to specific types of trips like luxury escapes or outdoor expeditions?
Is Haddock able to offer suggestions for popular cities or cultural hotspots?
What are some of the trending destinations as per Haddock?
Can Haddock identify the best food destinations or beaches for my vacation?
Does Haddock have an application for mobile devices?
Will Haddock provide authentic recommendations for my travel destinations?
How does Haddock help me customize my travel experience?
Does Haddock have any unique features when it comes to exploring a new city?
Does the Haddock platform use AI for planning trips?
Can I find travel inspiration on Haddock?
How is my personal preference taken into consideration when Haddock creates a trip itinerary?


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