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Family-friendly travel planning.
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Skoot is an AI-powered tool for family-friendly travel and activity planning that utilizes advanced algorithms to make trip planning hassle-free. The tool offers various features like customized itineraries for 1,3, or 7 days based on the location and preferences of the user.

The planning algorithm takes into account various factors like budget, transportation and takes the preferences of children into account to ensure that the trip is a fun and memorable experience.

The tool provides an activity finder that suggests ideas for fun activity for families that can be enjoyed together. The Skootbot can also suggest restaurants and eating out options that are suitable for families with children.

Skoot uses cookies to optimize and personalize its services according to user preference. Necessary cookies are stored in the browser and are essential for enabling the basic functionalities of the site like secure login and adjusting consent preferences.

Analytical cookies are used to track website usage and understand visitor engagement. The website also offers an option for users to customize their cookie preferences according to their choice.

Skoot is created by parents for families and aims to strike the right balance of fun and relaxation for everyone involved in the trip.


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Aug 6, 2023
Mmm it's not working??

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Skoot was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 4th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Family-focused travel planning
Customized itineraries
Duration-based planning options
Activity finder feature
Restaurant suggestions
Preference-based personalization
Secure login functionality
Website usage tracking
Visitor engagement analysis
Cookie preference customization
Created by parents
Strike balance of fun & relaxation
Indoor and outdoor activity suggestions
Affords options based on budget
Personal consent preference memory
Destination comparison feature
Day trip itinerary planning
7-day itinerary planning
Active Instagram handle for updates
Outdoor activity suggestions
Family adventure planning
Custom itinerary generation
Helpful for quick planning
Website traffic analysis
Efficient navigation guidance
Multiple functionalities
Tested by human users
Platform to share travel experiences
Constant tool improvement
Free of charge
Option for small contributions
Trip booking and deals
Assumes responsibility for advice followed
Intended to substitute for professional advice
Provides general informational purposes
Chat feature for instant query resolution


No multi-language support
Relies heavily on cookies
Dependent on third-party functions
Lack personal user profiles
Limited to family travel
No offline access mode
Doesn't support all world destinations
No mobile app version
No direct booking option


What kind of itineraries can Skoot provide?
How does Skoot take into account family preferences and children's interests?
What kind of activities does Skoot suggest?
Can Skoot suggest family-friendly restaurants and eating out options?
How customizable are Skoot's services?
How does Skoot use cookies to enhance user experience?
What is the purpose of the analytical cookies used by Skoot?
How does Skoot ensure data privacy and consent?
What is the function of Skootbot in Skoot’s platform?
Can Skoot provide trip suggestions based on budget constraints?
Can Skoot suggest itineraries for any location?
How accurate is the weather forecasting feature of Skoot?
Does Skoot efficiently accommodate last-minute changes or cancellations in the itinerary?
How does Skoot manage and store my personal data?
What are the functionalities of the 'Necessary' cookies on Skoot?
How does Skoot balance fun and relaxation for different family members during the trip?
Can Skoot plan itineraries for varying number of days?
Does Skoot offer personalization based on past travels and preferences?
What is the core technology behind Skoot and how has it been optimized for family travel?
Does Skoot recommend only family-friendly venues and accommodations?


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