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The best free AI planner for business trips and holidays.
Sample prompts:
🇫🇷 Plan a weekend in Paris
🇮🇹 Create a 4-day trip plan in Roma
🇵🇹 Which are the best beaches in Portugal?
🇪🇸 Suggest some iconic spots in Barcelona
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Trip Planner is a GPT that functions as an AI-based planner primarily for business trips and holiday vacations. It is designed to serve as an organizer for any type of vacation regardless of the destination or duration.

The key functionality of this GPT lies in its ability to create custom tourist itineraries and provide expert travel advice. In order to generate an itinerary, users can use simple prompts such as 'Plan a weekend in Paris' or 'Create a 4-day trip plan in Roma'.

This GPT system can also offer advice on specific aspects of a location, such as 'Which are the best beaches in Portugal?' or 'Suggest some iconic spots in Barcelona'.

Based on the provided prompt, the Trip Planner GPT generates a detailed and personalized travel plan. It's important to note that this GPT requires ChatGPT Plus for operation.

In conclusion, the Trip Planner GPT is a convenient tool for travelers who seek organized, customized, and intelligent assistance when planning their trips.


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