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Your friendly travel planner with map visuals
GPT welcome message: Ready to map out your next adventure with itineraries?
Sample prompts:
Create a 3-day trip to London
What to do in Hong Kong for 2 days
Family-friendly attractions in Rome
7 day road trip across California
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Travel Buddy is a GPT that serves as a personal travel planner. Its primary function is to aid the users in creating and visualizing their travel plans conveniently.

By conversing with Travel Buddy, users can design their day-by-day itinerary for any potential travel destination. With a straightforward command like 'Create a 3-day trip to London' or 'What to do in Hong Kong for 2 days', the users are provided with a comprehensive and personalized travel plan.

Furthermore, it also extends its planning versatility by offering suggestions on family-friendly attractions or locations that are suitable for a road trip.

In the case of a road trip across California, the GPT provides an itinerary for the seventh day, ensuring a systematic travel plan. Travel Buddy stands as a useful guide for travelers, offering functional maps for visual understanding of the travel routes and destinations.

Its responsive interface enables the machine and user to interact smoothly, making the planning process less tiring and more fruitful. The tool requires users to sign up with ChatGPT Plus, indicating the use of advanced natural language processing abilities for enhanced user-GPT interaction.


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