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Customized travel itineraries for tourists.
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Traivl is a personalized trip planner AI tool that generates bespoke itineraries for vacationers. It offers travel experiences tailored to individual preferences and uncovers hidden gems and must-see sights in breathtaking destinations worldwide.

Traivl's regions include North America, Central America, South America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Indian Ocean, Asia, and Oceania. With Traivl, users can plan a trip within five minutes or less, and it is free.

The tool creates personalized itineraries using AI algorithms, catering to a user's budget, preferred activities, and other requirements. Traivl allows users to adapt a sample trip according to their taste.

The tool also offers a subscription to its newsletter, which informs users about upcoming news and updates. The website uses cookies and similar technologies to enhance the user experience, provide specific features, and deliver content relevant to the user's interests.

Depending on their purpose, analysis and marketing cookies may be used in addition to technically necessary cookies. Users must agree to the cookies by clicking "Agree and continue." Further information is available in the tool's Privacy Policy.

Traivl provides users with a range of recommended trips, including Colombia's Lost City Trek, Peru and Bolivia Highlights, South Island Adventure, Alaskan Adventure, Brazil's Coastal Wonders, From the Amalfi Coast to Tuscany, and East African Adventure.

Traivl is ideal for users looking to personalize their vacation and make specific choices based on their preferences.


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May 27, 2023
There are so many AI trip planners out now, but this one is the only one where you actually can plan a multi-city trip taking away the pain of route planning etc - Highly recommended!

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Pros and Cons


Generates bespoke itineraries
Uncover hidden gems
Covers global regions
Quick trip planning
Free to use
Tailored to user's budget
Preference-based activity suggestions
Adaptable sample trips
Subscription to updates
Relevant content delivery
Wide trip recommendations
Ideal for personalized vacations
User consent on cookies
Clear privacy policy
Unlocks dream vacations


No mobile app
Limited regions covered
Lengthy privacy policy
Forced cookie acceptance
No option for guided tours
No clear update frequency
No community reviews or ratings
No live chat support


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What algorithm does Traivl use to create itineraries?
How do I subscribe to Traivl's newsletter?
What are the benefits of subscribing to Traivl's newsletter?
What type of cookies does Traivl use and why?
How can I adapt a sample trip according to my taste on Traivl?
What recommended trips does Traivl offer?
Why is it a good idea to use Traivl for personalized vacations?
How does Traivl use cookies to enhance user experience?
Where can I find more detailed information on Traivl's Privacy Policy?
What's the process to create my trip on Traivl?
Can I use Traivl for planning a honeymoon?
How can I explore the sample trips on Traivl?
What information do I need to provide for a personalized itinerary?
Can I revoke my consent to the use of cookies on Traivl?


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