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Creating tailored travel itineraries based on your preferences.
Sample prompts:
I have $1500 and two weeks free in July. Can you help me plan a trip to Japan?
I'm looking for a family-friendly vacation within Europe that's great for young kids and isn't too expensive.
I love outdoor adventures and have a week off in September. What do you suggest?
I need to plan a romantic getaway for my anniversary, and I want something unique but within a tight budget.
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TravelGuru is a GPT that aims to simplify the task of travel planning by providing tailored travel itineraries, designed in accordance to your specific preferences and budget constraints.

It encompasses a broad spectrum of user cases, such as planning leisure trips, family-friendly vacations, outdoor adventures, romantic getaways or other types of travel experiences.

To achieve this, users present their requirements, such as budget, travel dates, geographic preference, and type of travel experience desired. The GPT then uses this information to generate an itinerary that matches the user's specifications, helping them to identify the most suitable travel solutions within their budget.

TravelGuru is impossible without the underpinning technology of ChatGPT, which powers TravelGuru's ability to engage in interactive planning sessions with users.

The information is processed intelligently to provide not only feasible, but also enjoyable and unique travel itineraries. Installing TravelGuru on ChatGPT requires ChatGPT Plus.

This tool helps reduce the time and complexity typically associated with travel planning by offering a responsive and intelligent service capable of adapting to a range of user needs and preferences.


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