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The Trip Boutique is an AI-powered service that specializes in providing hyper-personalized travel itineraries for DMOs, travel brands and OTAs. The platform leverages AI technology and expert local knowledge to create customized travel experiences that perfectly match the interests, style and budget of individual travelers.

The platform also offers easy-to-use itinerary building solutions that cater to visitors' tastes and interests, while showcasing the best of a destination.

Its AI-enabled recommendation engine finds the best-matching options from a curated database of destinations, saving endless hours of online research on destination options.

The platform presents recommendations for what the client cares about the most, and it ensures the in-destination experience by allowing bookings on the go, skipping visits to over-visited sites, and enabling ease of navigation via a mobile app.

The Trip Boutique's platform also facilitates actionable insight gathering on customer preferences and behavior. The service is applicable for DMOs/CVB, hotels/resorts, OTAs, travel agents, DMC/tour operators, travel-tech partners, and airlines/rail.

Overall, The Trip Boutique provides an innovative way to maximize visitors' engagement and conversion, enhancing client-centered solutions and elevating guests' experiences.


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Aug 31, 2023
They should tell you upfront that they can plan only for a select few cities across the world. I answered their survey and then half-way through I got options to choose a city. I didn't want any of those. Waste of time not telling me that upfront!
Aug 31, 2023
There is no service for consumers. This website is currently just a marketing site where they're trying to partner up with travel advisors.

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The Trip Boutique was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 31st 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Hyper-personalized travel itineraries
Expert local knowledge integration
Customized travel experiences
Easy-to-use itinerary builder
Destination showcasing
Curated destination database
In-destination experience improvement
Bookings on-the-go
Avoids over-visited sites
Navigation via mobile app
Actionable insight gathering
Service for various industries
Visitor engagement maximization
Conversion enhancement
Client-centered solutions
Guest experience elevation
Trusted by well-known brands
Targeted business solutions
Guest experience personalization
Offers personalized digital tool
Automated personalized recommendations
Integration with existing services
Offers white label solutions
Integration with destination info
Instant hidden gem access
Saves hours of research
Selections based on preferences
Local-like city navigation
Easy integrations as plug & play widget, website embedding, and fully custom API
Offers co-branded solution
Use of own Points of Interest (POIs)
Rich and compelling itineraries
Available as web and mobile apps
Integration into B2C or B2B2C websites


No offline functionality
Limited destination database
No multi-language support
Limited personalization parameters
Dependent on partners for content
Lack of customer service
Lacks fitness-oriented travel itineraries
No desktop application available


What is The Trip Boutique?
How does The Trip Boutique work?
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Is The Trip Boutique usable on mobile devices?
How does The Trip Boutique create a personalized travel itinerary?
Can The Trip Boutique provide recommendations for non-touristic places?
How does The Trip Boutique save hours of travel research?
What does it mean that The Trip Boutique itineraries are 'hyper-personalized'?
Can The Trip Boutique integrate with other platforms?
Can The Trip Boutique white label their service?
What kinds of destinations data does The Trip Boutique have in its database?
Can The Trip Boutique help me avoid over-visited destinations?
How does The Trip Boutique cater to a user's personal style and budget?
What actionable insights does The Trip Boutique offer for businesses?
Does The Trip Boutique support bookings on the go?
How can The Trip Boutique be used by travel brands?
Can The Trip Boutique help enhance a destination's visibility?
In what ways can DMOs and CVBs benefit from The Trip Boutique?
Which partner brands has The Trip Boutique worked with?


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