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Your go-to guide for city explorations.
GPT welcome message: Welcome to CityScape! Ready to explore?
Sample prompts:
make a two days trip to Hong Kong
recommend some specialty foods in Italy
introduce Bangkok
make a four days trip plan to bangkok
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CityExplore is a GPT designed to assist users in planning their city explorations efficiently. This GPT serves as a comprehensive city guide, offering assistance in creating an organized travel itinerary.

By using CityExplore, making a trip plan becomes straightforward and intuitive. It provides users with specific prompts to start their exploration plan.

For instance, a user might request: 'Make a two-day trip to Hong Kong,' or 'Recommend some specialty foods in Italy.' The tool is configured to respond effectively to such prompts, offering targeted, practical advice and suggestions based on user queries.Furthermore, CityExplore also has a useful function of providing city introductions.

As an example, it can be used to 'Introduce Bangkok,' helping users acquaint themselves with the city's main sights, culture, and other important information before they visit.

Similarly, users can leverage this tool to formulate longer-duration trip plans such as a 'four-day trip plan to Bangkok.' CityExplore aims to make city explorations less challenging, more organized, and ultimately, more enjoyable, by providing reliable and personalized advice and information to travelers.

The creators have leveraged the capabilities of ChatGPT to develop this city exploration aid. In order to utilize CityExplore, users are required to sign-up and have an active ChatGPT Plus subscription.

For any further assistance, users have the possibility to contact the toolkit's creator directly via email.


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CityExplore was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 11th 2024.
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