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Providing eco-friendly travel itineraries and sustainable tourism tips.
Sample prompts:
What are some sustainable activities I can do in Costa Rica?
Can you recommend an eco-friendly itinerary for a week in Japan?
What's the best way to travel around Europe sustainably?
How can I ensure my trip to Thailand supports local communities?
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Eco-Travel Navigator is a GPT that aids in promoting sustainable tourism. It provides advice and plans eco-friendly travel itineraries. Its purpose is to enable travelers to make responsible and environmentally conscious choices while planning their trips.

Specifically, users can look for sustainable activities in different regions, request for eco-friendly itineraries for specific durations, and get advice on sustainable means of transportation.

In addition, it also offers guidance on how one's journey can contribute positively to the local communities, pointing towards an ethical travel experience.

Although it requires ChatGPT Plus to operate, lengthy sign-up processes are not a burden. For those conscious about their ecological footprint and interested in steering towards sustainable tourism, this tool can be a useful resource, fostering responsible travel.


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