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Secure chatbots interpret and answer with internal docs.
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Cadea is an AI tool designed specifically for providing secure, enterprise-level AI solutions. Its core functionality lies in the creation, management, and monitoring of chatbots that can interpret and answer questions based on your internal documentation.

The platform mates comprehensive AI tools with end-to-end data security and role-based access control, benefiting organizations with strict security protocols.

Cadea leverages integrations with Azure OpenAI to deliver secure API integration, paired with its on-premise solutions, resulting in robust security. A unique feature of Cadea is its Role-Based Access Control provision on vector stores like Qdrant and Weaviate, which ensures that private data is well protected, and the AI models only access appropriate documents.

Cadea is currently building an on-premise solution, primarily for sectors such as Finance, Healthcare, and Defense. Another significant feature is its dashboards and monitoring solutions that assist in anomaly detection, audit trails, and compliance.

An example use case involves the hiring process, where Cadea can easily locate and succinctly summarize necessary data for the team, thus becoming a substantial asset in business information management.


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