Chatbots 05 Mar 2023
Chat Thing
Make chatbots from data sources with ease.

Generated by ChatGPT

Chat Thing is an AI chatbot tool that enables users to create chatbots easily using existing data from various sources such as Notion, Google Docs, and websites.

The tool is powered by ChatGPT, an AI language model capable of generating human-like responses to user queries. Chat Thing allows users to train their chatbots using data specific to their business or industry, making them more personalized and effective.

The tool offers demo bots for users to try out, such as an HR bot trained on a company manual and a Harry Potter bot trained on the Harry Potter Wikipedia entry.

The website also mentions an API docs bot and a knowledge base bot trained on a help center's knowledge base. Chat Thing is designed to work with various data sources, and the website notes that more sources will be added soon.

The tool is currently in development, and users can join the waitlist to be notified when it becomes available. Overall, Chat Thing is a promising tool for businesses and individuals looking to create customized and effective chatbots without needing programming skills or extensive AI knowledge.


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