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Chatbot builder for better support and research.
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ChatNode is an AI chatbot builder that allows users to train their own AI assistant for their website or use it as an internal research tool. This tool offers the unique ability to train ChatGPT on any data, including websites, PDFs, and text, enabling the AI bot to learn from a wide range of sources and become more diverse in its knowledge.

Users have the option to upload their own data or provide a URL, which can be extracted and trained within 10 seconds, making the training process quick and efficient.ChatNode has various applications, including improving customer support by providing instant, round-the-clock answers to customer queries, streamlining company operations and collaboration.

Users can deploy the chatbot in public, adding it to their website as a chat bubble or embedded iframe. Alternatively, the bot can be used internally, keeping it private for research or testing purposes, integrating seamlessly into company workflows, and enhancing problem-solving and innovation.ChatNode offers a pricing plan with different options based on the user’s requirements.

There is a free plan that includes the option to test ChatNode with a limited number of message credits and one chatbot. Paid plans have different monthly message limits, allowing users to upload more data and make them available for more chatbots.

Users can decide how much data to give to each chatbot, upload multiple files, or add data from new sources. ChatNode supports about 95 languages and offers clients 24/7 support, assisting with any issues that arise.


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Apr 12, 2024
Functionally it is decent, but has errors, and support is terrible. Logged something over 3 weeks ago regarding what looks like a bug, got a quick reply in a day asking for more info, which I provided immediately, and no response since, despite following up. Cost is pretty high as well, which would be okay if the quality and support were good.

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ChatNode was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 16th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Trains on any data
Upload own data
URLs for training
Quick training process
Internal and public deployment
Supports 95 languages
24/7 user support
Variety of pricing plans
Data upload from multiple sources
Unlimited website embedding
Potential increased productivity
Centralizes knowledge
Improves customer support
Customizable knowledge base
Free plan option
Different monthly message limits
Good for operation streamlining
Efficient information retrieval
Real time customer support
Public or private usage
Interactive chatbot experience
Interface customization options
High token limits
Chatbot personality traits editing


Limited free plan
File size restrictions
Additional files only on paid plans
Lacks customization options
Restricted to 95 languages
Limited tokens per bot
Training time may vary
No API mentioned
Paid plans needed for multiple chatbots
Tokens limit based on subscription


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How does ChatNode function?
Can I train ChatNode on any type of data?
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How can ChatNode improve customer support?
Can I use ChatNode privately for internal research?
What are the different pricing plans for ChatNode?
Can I add data to ChatNode from multiple sources?
Which languages does ChatNode support?
What kind of client support does ChatNode provide?
How does ChatNode integrate into company workflows?
Can ChatNode be added to a website for public use?
How many chatbots can I have with different ChatNode pricing plans?
How does the free plan of ChatNode work?
Can I customize the number of tokens each chatbot gets in paid plans?
Is it possible to use ChatNode in multiple languages?
What types of documents can I use to train ChatNode?
How can I make my ChatNode chatbot public?
Where can I get help if I face issues while using ChatNode?
Can I customize the appearance of my ChatNode chatbot?

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