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ByJoseph Hyatt
Turn a simple prompt into gold.
GPT welcome message: Hi there! Let's craft a precise, adaptable prompt. What's your idea?
Sample prompts:
What's the theme of your prompt?
Tell me more about your prompt idea.
How can I refine this prompt further?
What details should be in your prompt?
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Prompt Daddy is a GPT that assists users in creating precise, effective writing prompts. It operates by using the power of AI to interactively guide the user, stimulating creativity and facilitating prompt refinement.

The user commences with a simple initial idea for their prompt. The GPT then performs the role of a collaborative partner, prompting the user with insightful questions aimed at expanding upon and enriching the original idea.

Questions can vary from asking about the theme of the prompt, more details about the initial idea, suggestions for refining the prompt, and the necessary details that should be included in the prompt.

This dynamic interaction serves to transform the initial prompt idea into a thorough, multi-dimensional concept. With Prompt Daddy's assistance, users can mould their raw ideas into more precise, adaptable prompts.

The GPT aids the user in more deeply exploring their idea, encouraging comprehensive development of the writing prompt. While the tool clearly requires ChatGPT Plus for user access, it distinguishes itself by nurturing creativity, precision and depth of thought in crafting writing prompts.


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