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FineTalk is an easy-to-set-up AI chatbot tool designed to enhance businesses. Powered by ChatGPT, this tool quickly understands the nuances of your business and products to provide fast and accurate responses to customer inquiries.

With its low code integration, FineTalk allows users to create, edit, and publish chatbots effortlessly.One of the key features of FineTalk is its ability to customize chatbots according to brand preferences.

Users can tailor the appearance, logos, and chat context to align with their business. Additionally, FineTalk emphasizes the collaboration between AI and humans, enabling seamless teamwork to answer questions and provide instant solutions.This tool also offers chat history tracking, allowing businesses to stay in sync with customer queries and maintain a comprehensive record of chatbot interactions.

FineTalk provides transparency in pricing with different plans, including a free option, and offers increased limits and seamless integrations with higher-tier plans.FineTalk leverages machine learning capabilities to train chatbots on user-provided data from web sources, documents, and files.

The tool supports various languages and accepts different file formats such as PDF, TXT, DOC, and DOCX. Users can personalize the chatbot's responses by assigning a name, specifying personality traits, and providing precise instructions.Overall, FineTalk is a versatile chatbot tool that empowers businesses to streamline customer interactions, provide accurate and personalized responses, and ultimately enhance customer satisfaction.


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