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ByDaniel Lametti
Learn how to sleep again
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Does melatonin help?
What's sleep restriction therapy?
How warm should my bedroom be?
Do I have insomnia?
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Sleep Therapist is a GPT designed to aid users in improving their sleep patterns and addressing potential sleep issues. It utilizes the capabilities of ChatGPT to provide informative and interactive assistance to individuals facing sleep-related problems or anyone seeking information about sleep wellness.

This GPT is intended as a digital consultation tool wherein users can pose questions or share concerns they might have about their sleep, akin to a therapeutical conversation.

As suggested by the provided prompts like 'Does melatonin help?', 'What's sleep restriction therapy?', 'How warm should my bedroom be?', 'Do I have insomnia?', it can cover diverse topics including sleep-inducing measures, sleep therapies, the suitable bedroom environment for a good night's sleep, and diagnosing sleep disorders.

The tool, therefore, serves as a knowledge repository and a guide to help users learn how to sleep again and to optimize their sleep. Sleep Therapist, however, should not replace professional medical advice or treatment, and is designed to be used in a complementary fashion.

The access to this GPT requires a ChatGPT Plus subscription.


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