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Enhanced support chatbots automate engagement.
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RevoChat is an AI tool designed to help businesses create and integrate custom chatbots into their websites. With RevoChat, users can effortlessly train and deploy a personalized ChatGPT chatbot without the need for coding skills.

The tool aims to enhance customer service, boost engagement, and drive growth by automating customer support.RevoChat offers a simple and user-friendly interface that allows users to easily create their AI chatbot in just a few clicks.

The integration process is further supported by personalized assistance from knowledgeable support teams, ensuring a smooth integration experience for businesses.The tool also provides an intuitive chat interface that enables seamless interaction between the AI-powered chatbot and customers.

Users can actively participate in conversations whenever needed, providing additional support, following up on inquiries, and ensuring a comprehensive and personalized communication experience.RevoChat offers different pricing plans, catering to diverse business needs.

These plans come with varying visitor capacities, message credits, and chatbot training capabilities. For businesses with specific requirements, custom solutions are available, offering tailored packages and scalability.In summary, RevoChat simplifies the process of creating and integrating personalized chatbots into websites.

It aims to enhance user experience, improve customer support, and enable businesses to easily engage with their customers.


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Sep 28, 2023
Revochat really helps me on reducing my customer service workload and solved all the customer enquiries.
Sep 28, 2023
RevoChat helps me reduce my customer service workload by 80% and solved most of my customer enquiries.
Sep 28, 2023
I think the AI Chat thing RevoChat has the most integration platform and the whole user experience is jsut superb.

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Pros and Cons


No coding skills required
User-friendly interface
Personalized assistance for integration
Seamless customer interaction
Active user participation
Flexible pricing plans
Scalability with custom solutions
Enhances user experience
Improves customer support
Room for audience engagement
Diverse visitor capacities
Varied message credits
Tailored chatbot training capabilities
Easy website integration
Personalized ChatGPT creation
Beta testing available
Affordable solutions for projects
Multiple chatbots on higher plans
High-performing solutions for large operations
Makes information accessible
Cost effective
Personalized support for website integration
Ability to follow-up on conversations
Free trial available


Limited visitor capacities
Limited message credits
Training limitations on free plan
No multi-chatbot support on basic plan
Pro plan is expensive
No API mentioned
No multilingual support mentioned
No mobile application support mentioned
No analytics feature mentioned
No customization of chat interface mentioned


What is RevoChat?
How does RevoChat work?
What is the purpose of RevoChat?
How can I integrate RevoChat into my website?
Is coding skills required to use RevoChat?
Is there a guide to help me deploy RevoChat?
What are the features of RevoChat's chat interface?
Can users participate in conversations with RevoChat?
Does RevoChat offer custom plans?
What are the different pricing plans available with RevoChat?
What does 'message credits' mean in RevoChat plans?
How many chatbots can I integrate with each RevoChat plan?
How can RevoChat enhance customer support?
How can RevoChat improve user engagement?
How can RevoChat boost business growth?
How does RevoChat train the chatbots?
Can I try RevoChat for free?
Do I need to remove the 'Powered by RevoChat' label from the Chatbots?
What is ChatGPT in relation to RevoChat?
Can RevoChat's Chatbots operate on websites with high visitor traffic?

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