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Email AI for E-Commerce by 1hero

All-In-One AI Customer Service for E-Commerce
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AI Customer Service • E-commerce • Multilingual • Multichannel • No Training Required • SMB-Friendly • Pay-As-You-Go Pricing • Shopify Integration • Easy Onboarding • Shortest Learning Curve provides e-commerce sellers with fast, 24/7, AI-powered customer service across multiple channels and languages. With 1heroAI sellers can delegate customer service to powerful AI and scale limitlessly without increasing the headcount. It will effortlessly adapt to fluctuating sales volumes during high seasons, and not become an additional financial burden during low seasons. connects with major support platforms - like Email, Facebook Messenger, Instagram DM, Phone through a Intelligent Virtual Assistant, WhatsApp, Telegram, AI Live Chat, and responses to social media comments.

Connect your Shopify account and allow to access order and customer details, enabling relevant and concise responses in any language.

By learning from customer support emails and standard operating procedures, addresses customer requests, such as product returns, shipping label generation, refunds, troubleshooting, and even order creation and editing. If you don't have these documents, our AI-engine will help create them using information from past emails, your website, privacy and return policies, and FAQs.

It will also learn from your past emails to adopt your tone and writing style, ensuring a human touch and personal feel that your customers appreciate.

Our mobile-first design highlights that this isn't just another tool for customer support agents. Instead, it's a performance monitoring platform, managed using simple language, for anyone overseeing customer service in a company.

Manage everything in natural language. No complex setups, fast onboarding and clear pay-as-you-go pricing. Scale and expand your e-commerce customer service operations instantly.
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User Profile PicturePertsh Mkrtchyan
· Sep 15, 2023
I have integrated this app into several of my stores. One of the best things for me is that i can now expand to locations I was unable before. It also made the customer support operation so easy and fast

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Pros and Cons


Optimizes ecommerce customer support
Handles routine customer inquiries
Offers draft and auto mode
Integrates with Gmail
Integrated with Shopify
Answers order, tracking, warranty queries
Average response time 60 minutes
Customizable Gmail filters
Supports multiple languages
Provides 24/7 response
Generates tailored email responses
Simplified return management
Adapts to new procedures
Handles unlimited number of messages
No routine management required
Cost optimization up to 95%
One click setup with Shopify
Personalized customer support
Easy adaptation to procedures
Multiple languages support
Quick connection to customer email
24/7 customer messages response
Average response time 1 hour
Generates return labels
Guide customers through return/exchange
Can be used for unlimited messages
Efficient workflow management
No onboarding management required
Handles complex customer issues
Higher quality customer service
Localised responses
Cut response time
Top-notch service
Quick and easy integration
Saves time and resources
Improves response efficiency
Saves money
GPT-3.5 API for Explorer Plan
GPT-4 API for Pro Plan
Different plans for different needs
Avg reply time 120 minutes for Explorer Plan
Avg reply time 60 minutes for Pro Plan
Smart filters for Pro Plan


Limited to Shopify integration
Only Gmail for email
Not free for autopilot mode
Limited number of emails for Explorer Plan
Cost per response generated
No obvious API access
Must upload SOP/FAQ
Adaptation requires modifying SOP/FAQ
Elf-adjustment only based on previous interactions
Reply time in explorer plan


What is
How does assist in ecommerce customer support?
In what ways can streamline customer support for my business?
What are the two modes available with and how do they differ?
How does integrate with Gmail?
Can provide information about order status or warranty claims?
Is compatible with Shopify?
What is the average response time for
Can generate personalized email responses based on previous customer interactions?
How does using simplify the return management process?
Can adapt to new procedures and policies?
Does support multiple languages?
What is the process to integrate into my customer support operation?
Does affect the cost optimization of my business?
How does handle the onboarding management?
Can I use for an unlimited number of messages?
How does assist with workflow management?
How quickly can respond to messages?
What are the steps to connect Gmail and Shopify to
Can produce return labels and guide customers through the return/exchange process?

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