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Customer support chatbot with human handoff.
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PageBot is an AI-powered chatbot designed to bring enhanced conversational capabilities to your website. Leveraging GPT technology, this tool comprehends your website's knowledgebase and content, providing immediate, compelling, and courteous interactions to your customers.

It is simple to integrate with a single line of code, thus requiring no additional training. PageBot supports the addition of data sources to the chatbot dynamically via meta tags and is compatible with most file types, including personal APIs and existing REST APIs.

The service offers automatic human handoff when required and can detect knowledge gaps. This bot can also provide predefined QA and supports more than 130 languages.

Customization is achievable through CSS Overrides and has a usage-based billing system. The chatbot does not require any pre-training and supports JSON APIs.

Another remarkable feature of Pagebot is its versatile source retrieval where your knowledge-base, e.g a PDF or a webpage, or API calls to your backend, can be retrieved by Pagebot.

Overall, PageBot aims to revolutionize customer service with its AI chatbot for instant, effective support.


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PageBot was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 2nd 2023.
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