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Improved customer support with a chatbot
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Clever Chat is an AI-powered chatbot tool designed to revolutionize customer support on websites. Built on ChatGPT, this tool allows businesses to customize and implement a chatbot that can serve multiple customers simultaneously, improving user experience and reducing the effort required to respond to inquiries.

With Clever Chat, businesses can tailor the chatbot to their brand and specific user needs.The process of creating an AI chatbot with Clever Chat is simple and free.

Users need to enter their website's URL, and the tool automatically trains the chatbot using website content. The chatbot can be personalized with a name, avatar, and greeting to match the brand's style.

Users can also adjust the chatbot's color scheme to ensure consistency with their unique branding.Clever Chat offers multilingual support, allowing businesses to serve customers in their preferred language.

Studies show that businesses offering chat support convert more leads into customers, and Clever Chat enables scalability, serving more customers without the need for additional support staff.The tool provides AI recommendations to help businesses improve their customer experience and transform their operations.

Through AI-driven decision-making and the analysis of customer conversations, Clever Chat offers actionable recommendations based on personalized insights.

It also integrates with OpenAI's advanced AI language model, ChatGPT, for enhanced performance.Overall, Clever Chat is a comprehensive and user-friendly solution for implementing and customizing AI-powered chatbots on websites, boosting customer support capabilities, and optimizing user experience.


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Clever Chat was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on August 13th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Customizable chatbots
Multiple customer service
Tailored branding
Auto-training on website content
Personalized name, avatar, greeting
Colour scheme adjustment
Multilingual support
Customer conversation analysis
ChatGPT integration
Easy creation process
Free usage
Conversion boosting
Advanced language model
Improves customer support
Optimized user experience
Boosts brand trust
Analytical insights
Increases operational efficiency
Unique style matching
Website content-based responses
Script-free setup
No need for additional staff
Insights-driven decision making
Actionable business strategies
Language barrier reduction
Increase in lead conversions
Works without human intervention
Identifies customer needs
Improvement suggestions
Brand consistency
No prior tech knowledge needed
Customer experience improvement
Chatbot testing feature


Requires JavaScript enabled
No mobile optimization mentioned
Potentially limited customization features
Potential language bias
Unclear data protection mechanisms
No features for advanced analytics
No API integration mentioned
Unclear pricing model


What is Clever Chat?
How can Clever Chat improve my customer support?
How does Clever Chat use AI and ChatGPT?
How is Clever Chat customized for each business?
Is it complex to set up Clever Chat on my website?
What if my website's content is not in English, will Clever Chat work?
How does Clever Chat learn about my website and business?
What added values does Clever Chat provide on top of traditional customer support?
Can Clever Chat help in understanding my customers?
Does Clever Chat provide actionable recommendations based on customer conversations?
What are the steps to create a chatbot with Clever Chat?
Can I test my Clever Chat bot before integrating it into my website?
What features does Clever Chat offer for personalizing the bot?
Can the look of Clever Chat bot be adjusted to match my brand?
How does Clever Chat ensure scalability in handling customer inquiries?
Does Clever Chat offer multilingual support?
What kind of analysis does Clever Chat offer on customer conversations?
How does Clever Chat contribute to decision making for businesses?
Can Clever Chat handle multiple customers simultaneously?
What integration capabilities does Clever Chat offer with other platforms?

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