Wallet AI
Intelligence-based insights for financial advice.

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Wallet.AI is a San Francisco-based company that creates intelligent engines for helping people make better financial decisions. Their AI tool analyses millions of pieces of data to provide location-based financial advice to users.

Their aim is to enhance the customer analytics service for banks and capital markets, especially in personal finance. Using smart machines, Wallet.AI informs users about their financial behavior and recommends better options for daily financial decisions.

The company has been featured by NPR, Wired, Institutional Investor, and others, receiving positive feedback on their work. They provide users with a way to monitor and quantify their finances, empowering them to make informed decisions.

Wallet.AI builds intelligent engines that automatically extract and process data to provide insights to users. The company has a website that includes a request invite feature for users to access their AI tool.

Wallet.AI invites developers and journalists to contact them for more information. Overall, Wallet.AI's tool is a useful resource for people looking to improve their daily financial decisions using AI technology.

Wallet AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 29th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Expense & income tracking
Provides financial advice
Location-based advice
Enhances customer analytics
Recommended for daily decision-making
Positive media feedback
Finances monitoring
Quantifies user's finances
Automated data extraction
Processes data for insights
User invite feature
Open for developer contact
Open for journalist contact
San Francisco-based company
Intelligent analysis of finances
Enhances personal finance


Invite-only access
No native mobile applications
Only targeted towards finance
Unspecified data security measures
No user community/support
Data analysis specificity unclear
No API mentioned
Unclear data source processing
May not support all banks
No specified offline access


What are the main features of Wallet.AI?
How does Wallet.AI analyse millions of pieces of data?
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Does Wallet.AI offer location-based financial advice?
Who can benefit from Wallet.AI's financial decision tools?
How can Wallet.AI help personalise my bank's customer analytics service?
How do Wallet.AI's smart machines inform me about my financial behaviour?
How does Wallet.AI recommend better daily financial decisions?
Where can I read some reviews and press mentions about Wallet.AI?
On what platforms can I access Wallet.AI?
How can I get an invite to use Wallet.AI's tool?
Are there any resources for developers to learn more about Wallet.AI?
How does Wallet.AI track expenses and income?
How does Wallet.AI empower its users to make informed decisions?
What role does the artificial intelligence play in Wallet.AI?
What does it mean that Wallet.AI creates intelligent engines?
How does Wallet.AI help me improve my daily financial decisions?
How does Wallet.AI process and extract data?
Can Wallet.AI help me quantify my finances?
Is there a way to contact Wallet.AI for more information?

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