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Your personal AI financial advisor.
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Tendi is an AI-powered tool designed to serve as a personal financial advisor. It is tailored to guide users on matters of budgeting, debt reduction, savings growth, investment, and retirement planning.

The platform makes it possible to have a personal advisor that comprehends the users financial standing and formulates tailored monetary strategies. It achieves this by analyzing the users spending patterns and saving behavior, converting these data into actionable insights.

Tendi provides features that link to users financial accounts securely, tracks their progress towards set goals, and alerts them to significant financial changes.

Moreover, it has chat functions for personalized financial advice and a simple dashboard display that summarizes financial health in a user-friendly manner.

It was explicitly devised to bridge gaps in financial education and wealth disparity by making sophisticated, customized financial guidance accessible to every individual.

Tendi was created by a seasoned team composed of AI and finance professionals with backgrounds from companies like Netflix, Roku, Paramount+, and more.

It stands out for its enhanced data protection measures which include advanced encryption, industry-standard cybersecurity practices, and steadfast privacy protocols.

Tendi can assist with various financial goals, making it an ideal tool for both beginners and more advanced users. It offers a free basic version alongside a competitively-priced premium subscription for more advanced features.


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Pros and Cons


Budgeting advice
Debt reduction strategies
Guidance on savings growth
Investment planning
Retirement planning advice
Spending pattern analysis
Saving behavior analysis
Securely links to financial accounts
Tracks set goal progress
Alerts for financial changes
Chat function for advice
User-friendly financial summary
Creates personalized monetary strategies
Free basic version
Competitive premium subscription
Enhanced data protection measures
Advanced encryption use
Industry-standard cybersecurity practices
Steadfast privacy protocols
Caters to various financial goals
Ideal for beginners
Suited for advanced users
Simple dashboard display
Financial health display
Financial literacy advocacy
Addresses wealth disparity
Transforms data into insights
Friendly for financial beginners
Accessible wealth management
Created by industry professionals from top tech companies
Continuous security updates
Can assist without linking bank accounts
Empowers every user's financial journey
Guidance tailored to individual situations
Easy-to-understand insights
Ultimate retire management
Effective financial management tool
24/7 availability for advice
Fosters future of financial literacy
Constant monitoring for digital threats
Narrowing the wealth gap
Comprehensive advanced analytics
Personalized advice with premium subscription


No offline functionality
Unspecified update schedule
No advanced feature in basic
Not fully autonomous
No explicit tax planning
Dependent on accurate user data
No multi-language support
No multiple user support
Possibly overwhelming for non-tech users
No direct integration with investment platforms


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What kind of data protection measures does Tendi employ?
Can Tendi assist me with my financial goals?
Who is the team behind Tendi?
How does Tendi aim to bridge the gap in financial education and wealth disparity?
Does Tendi offer a free version of its services?
Is there a premium subscription for Tendi?
How does the Tendi dashboard display summarize my financial health?
Why was Tendi created?
How does Tendi formulate monetary strategies for each user?
Does Tendi provide personalized financial advice?
Is Tendi suitable for beginners in financial planning?
Can I trust Tendi with the security of my financial accounts?
What are the advanced features in the premium version of Tendi?
How will Tendi help me track my progress towards my financial goals?
How does Tendi uphold its privacy protocols?

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