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Zumma Financial is an automated invoice management platform, primarily designed to support businesses and individuals in Mexico manage expenses. The platform leverages artificial intelligence to automate the timing, money-consuming, and often complicated process of expense invoicing.

Users can utilize its functionalities exclusively through WhatsApp, illustrating its commitment to ease and accessibility. Users send a photo of their receipt to Zummi, Zumma's AI-driven assistant, via WhatsApp, choose their intended receipt use and payment method, and within minutes, receive their invoice.

The tool's intelligence ultimately allows its users to save both time and money. Users also commend Zumma's invoicing as a straightforward and efficient process.

Not only does it cut out the middle steps of logging onto individual invoice pages and storing paper receipts, but it also provides real-time processing - users claim a better control, as they no longer wait until the end of each month to bulk process all of their invoices.


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Pros and Cons


Personal finance management
Investment platform
Tailored financial advice
Rewards system
Budgeting tool
Income and expense tracker
Pre-trained chatbot integration
Collaboration with financial institution
Endeavor, Latitud, GG-Capital, MIT Delta V support
Privacy policy in place
Invoicing via WhatsApp
Time-saving expense invoicing
Invoice within minutes
Paperless receipt system
Real-time processing
Individual invoice pages not required
Linked to brokerage account
Automatic expense factoring
Plans and pricing options
Testimonials on website
Collaborate with Kuspit Casa de Bolsa
Accompanies users wherever they go
Saves money via smart invoicing
Handles financial advisory role
Powered by GPT for chat
CNBV registration in progress
Automated invoice management
Integration through WhatsApp


Only available in Mexico
Works exclusively through WhatsApp
No standalone app
Not a registered advisor yet
Relies on external financial institution
Monthly subscription required
Limited to Spanish language
Possibility of data privacy issues
OCR Invoice errors
Limited Investment advisory service


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How does Zumma Financial help me save time and money?
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