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Ask an AI Accountant Your Tax Questions is a free AI tool that allows individuals to ask tax-related questions and receive answers trained on the latest tax changes for 2023.

The AI has ingested US tax law and federal and state tax legislation changes since 2021. Every few days, a human tax professional reviews all answered questions, providing users with correct or incorrect answers and any relevant comments.

As of now, the AI has been broadly correct 83.20% of the time; however, this accuracy score is expected to improve as more questions are reviewed by tax professionals.

The AI accountant offers various features such as write-off detection, year-round tax bill/refund estimations, tax bill prediction, and tax filing through the phone with the IRS and State.

Users can also chat with an assigned tax assistant for professional tax help. The AI answers are not considered tax advice, and users must consult a tax professional before making any financial decisions.

Nevertheless, it is a useful tool for individuals to gain insight and knowledge on tax-related questions before seeking professional help. Users can filter through previously asked questions and reviews to find relevant information, making it easier to receive personalized tax solutions.


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Pros and Cons


Trained on latest tax changes
Human professional regularly reviews answers
Broadly correct 83.20% of times
Expected to increase accuracy
Various features available
Write-off detection available
Year-round tax bill/refund estimations
Tax filing through phone enabled
Personalized tax assistant chat
Past questions and reviews filter
Insightful tool before seeking professional help
Constant tax legislation updates from 2021
Accuracy score updated continuously
Proof-checked by certified tax professionals
Free tax resources available
Database of previously asked questions
Personal tax assistant relations
Tax bill prediction functionality
Free tool for tax help
Quick response time
Ability to deduct travel expenses
Provides business expenses information
Discount information on prior taxes
Informs about tax implications
Can identify deductible costs
Helpful for multiple business owners
Beneficial for high earners
Helpful in legal situations
State-specific tax advice
Accurate crypto tax addressing
Unconventional income source advice
Clarifies doubtful deductions
Helps maximize return from Airbnb
Company-owned property depreciation details
Insight on conversion strategies
Inheritance tax information
Policy impact prediction
Tax remediation advice
Tax benefit condition explanations
Able to track exemption duration
Provides inheritance tax rates
Helps understand tax brackets
Addressing overseas tax issues
Beneficial for freelance workers
FICA exemption guidance
Expenses identification
Implications of property sell info
Retirement plan tax advice


Only covers US tax law
Delayed accuracy score updates
Requires professional review
No real-time professional assistance
No global tax functionality
Inconsistent answer accuracy
Limited tax advice disclaimer
Reliance on frequent updates

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