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Kintsugi is an AI-powered tool that automates the sales tax process for companies worldwide. It offers a cloud-based platform that handles the entire sales tax lifecycle across multiple sales channels.

The tool provides features such as calculations, nexus tracking, reporting, filing, and remittance.With Kintsugi, companies can benefit from automatic registration in every jurisdiction, real-time nexus tracking and alerts, accurate and timely sales tax filing, and easy remittance.

The tool also offers seamless integration with e-commerce platforms, billing systems, and invoicing tools, without the need for any code.One notable feature of Kintsugi is its ability to help businesses identify their nexus locations and monitor economic thresholds, providing valuable insights into where sales tax needs to be paid.

Additionally, the tool ensures compliance with filing deadlines, saving businesses time and effort.Kintsugi's TaxGPT feature acts as an AI tax assistant, providing accurate insights and instant support tailored to the specific needs of each business.The tool has received positive feedback from customers who appreciate its stress-free tax management, streamlined financial processes, and time and cost savings.

Kintsugi is suitable for SaaS companies worldwide, and it offers a straightforward cancellation policy for businesses that choose to end their subscription.Overall, Kintsugi is a reliable solution for companies looking to automate their sales tax processes and ensure compliance with tax regulations globally.


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Mar 11, 2024
Very cool, I had some issues around sales tax for my Shopify store where the rates were wrong and I didn't know which states I needed to pay. I signed up and because I had a lot of orders it took 20 minutes but just like magic it told me everywhere I needed to collect tax. I was collecting in some states I should and not collecting in some I should have. I liked that I didn't have to pay to see this. I was going to just file and try and fix it on my own to save some money but ultimately didn't because sales tax is a PITA, so I ended up paying $1300 for 26 states. They didn't charge for implementation or fixing the places I shouldn't have collected for. They had a few cool features like their taxgpt that helped me understand why I shouldn't have collected in some states.
Dec 12, 2023
Chatbot doesn't work. Gave me inaccurate tax information.

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