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Tax service that finds deductions for self-employed.
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FlyFin is an AI-driven tax service for self-employed individuals that uses artificial intelligence to find every possible tax deduction for the user. The system can automatically scan for every possible tax deduction based on users’ expenses and eliminate 95% of the user’s work.

The service is trusted by more than 100,000 freelancers and employs expert tax CPAs to file 1099 state and federal tax returns. The tax team has a combined 250 years of experience in all aspects of US taxes, and they ensure a 100% accurate tax review, preparation, and filing.

By using FlyFin, users can expect to save 10-30% more on their taxes on average.Users can sign up and link their accounts securely, after which the AI system will find every possible tax deduction.

Users can then either accept or reject the deductions, or ask a CPA to evaluate them. The service provides users with an industry-leading, in-depth tax report prepared by CPAs and powered by AI, which makes it impossible to miss any deductions.

The service offers three plans: Basic, Standard, and Premium, and users can try FlyFin free for seven days and cancel anytime. The Premium plan offers all tax filings with a CPA, including tax audit insurance and unlimited CPA advice.

The platform also offers the world’s most accurate quarterly tax calculator, based on income and deductions.


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Pros and Cons


Finds every possible deduction
Operates automatically
Team of expert CPAs
Offers 100% accurate tax reviews
Trusted by 100K+ freelancers
In-depth tax reports
250 years of tax expertise
Saves 10-30% on taxes
Expenses and deductions scan
Audit insurance
Unlimited CPA advice
Supports all entities filings
User friendly
Accurate quarterly tax calculator
Able to securely link accounts
Offering three distinct plans
Free seven day trial
Mobile use available
Reviews deductions on the go
Always ready to file taxes
Data can be exported
Deductions tracking service
Automated bookkeeping feature
24/7 expense tracking
24 hour CPA response time
Files 1099 forms
Automates tax deductions
Home office expenses claimed


Limited to self-employed individuals
No real-time customer support
Plans are expensive
No dedicated mobile app
No support for corporate entities
Limited financial institution support
Additional fees for tax filing
Limited CPA accessibility at basic and standard plans
Lacks offline functionality


What is FlyFin?
How does FlyFin find tax deductions?
What kind of taxes can be filed with FlyFin?
What level of experience does the FlyFin tax team have?
What is the average tax savings users can expect with FlyFin?
How do I sign up with FlyFin?
What are the steps involved in using FlyFin?
How secure is my data with FlyFin?
How can I try FlyFin for free?
What are the features of the different FlyFin plans?
What exactly is the FlyFin quarterly tax calculator?
How does FlyFin handle my expenses?
How does FlyFin categorize my deductions?
Is it possible to reject deductions found by FlyFin?
What is the tax audit insurance provided by FlyFin?
What are some real-life experiences of FlyFin users?
Can I use FlyFin even if I'm not a freelancer?
Does FlyFin assist with state tax returns?
How is FlyFin different from other tax services?
What support does FlyFin offer if I have questions or problems?

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