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ByJoseph Elliott
Florida tax law and business law help!
GPT welcome message: Welcome to eTaxLawyer - Florida, where tax support is just a message away!
Sample prompts:
Explain sales tax in Florida.
How do I file a corporate tax?
Detail the pollutants tax process.
Assist with reemployment tax issues.
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eTaxLawyer - Florida is a GPT that assists with Florida tax law and business law concerns. Developed by Joseph Elliott, this tool utilizes the technology of ChatGPT to facilitate interactive conversations.

The primary objective of this GPT is to provide legal support relating to various tax topics pertinent to the state of Florida. eTaxLawyer - Florida engages users in their tax law inquiries, offering detailed responses to prompts surrounding Florida's sales tax, corporate tax, pollutants tax and reemployment tax.

It might explain the sales tax application in Florida, guide on filing a corporate tax, detail the pollutants tax process, and assist with issues related to reemployment tax.

As such, the tool seeks to assist both individuals and businesses sort out their tax codes, understand legal implications, and stay informed about tax obligations within Florida.

The platform promises an interactive legal tax help, becoming a functional intermediate between a real-world lawyer consultation and online tax searching.

Note: Accessing the functionality of eTaxLawyer - Florida requires a subscription to ChatGPT Plus.


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eTaxLawyer - Florida was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 25th 2023.
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