Coding 24 Nov 2022
WordPress code generator for faster website creation.

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CodeWP is an AI powered WordPress code generator that helps users build websites faster and more efficiently. It has been trained specifically for WordPress, as well as WooCommerce, PHP, JS, jQuery and other popular plugins.

With CodeWP, users can prompt the generator to help with anything WordPress related and it will create something for them. It eliminates the need for expensive developers and tedious StackOverflow searches.The library of snippets and solutions is growing, and users can save, export and share the generated code snippets.

The tool also supports multiple languages, and new features and modes are being added each week. CodeWP has been praised by WordPress Creators around the globe who have benefited from its AI capabilities, as it helps them tackle problems quickly and with ease, even if they are not classically trained developers.

CodeWP is perfect for WordPress creators who are looking for a helpful mentor, and for developers who want to maximize their efficiency. Get started for free and experience the power of AI in WordPress.

CodeWP was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 9th 2022.
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Pros and Cons


Specialized for WordPress
Trained for WooCommerce, PHP, JS, jQuery
Generates code snippets
Eliminates need for developers
Users can save snippets
Export code snippets feature
Share snippets feature
Supports multiple languages
New modes added weekly
Continuous growth of snippet library
Regularly updated
Specific support on popular plugins
Resourceful for WordPress creators
Useful for developers
Free subscription available
Export in JSON format
Solution generation capability
DeepL translation on paid plans
Specialized models for Woo
Built specifically for WordPress
Saved codes can be shared publicly
Goodbye to tedious coding researches
Assists learning for non-developers
Offers professional tutorials
Has a massive library of verified solutions


Limited to WordPress
Limited language support
No mention of security
New features added unpredictably
Input in plain English only
No advanced customization options
Limited to coding snippets
Growing library implies incompleteness
DeepL translation is paid
No mobile version specified


What is CodeWP?
How does CodeWP assist with WordPress website creation?
Can CodeWP be used with WooCommerce, PHP, JS, jQuery?
What does the code generator feature of CodeWP do?
Can CodeWP generate code for any WordPress-related task?
Is CodeWP suitable for non-developers?
How can CodeWP eliminate the need for developers and StackOverflow searches?
Can CodeWP save, export and share the code it generates?
Does CodeWP support other languages?
How often are new features added to CodeWP?
What are the reviews for CodeWP from other WordPress creators?
Who is CodeWP ideal for?
What's the cost of using CodeWP?
Does CodeWP provide tutorials for its usage?
Can I share the code generated by CodeWP with others?
What additional features are expected to be added to CodeWP in future?
Does CodeWP provide any kinds of support or translation options?
Is the code generated by CodeWP ready for direct implementation?
What plugins does CodeWP support?
Does CodeWP have a free plan?

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