Code refactoring 2023-10-24
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Refactoring code, aligning with Google's style guides.
GPT welcome message: Hello! Send me your code and I'll align it with Google's style guides.
Sample prompts:
Refactor this JavaScript code as per Google's style guide.
How does this Python code deviate from Google's style guide?
Suggest improvements for this Java code according to Google's guidelines.
Analyze this C++ code for compliance with Google's style guide.
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StyleGuide Guru is a GPT that functions as a code linter. It is used to refactor code in order to mirror Google's style guides. This tool parses code to detect discrepancies that do not align with Google's guidelines, then it suggests or implements changes to refine the style of the code.

It can work with various programming languages including but not limited to JavaScript, Python, Java, and C++. The purpose of StyleGuide Guru GPT is to facilitate the standardization and maintenance of coding style in any application or software project.

By ensuring code complies with Google's style guides, StyleGuide Guru promotes consistency, readability, and good coding practices. The users can interact with this GPT by giving it prompts like 'Refactor this JavaScript code as per Google's style guide.' or 'How does this Python code deviate from Google's style guide?' and others.

The GPT then responds by analyzing the provided code and aligning it with the style guides or suggesting improvements. It's a useful tool for both novice and experienced programmers aiming to keep their code clean and readable.

This GPT requires ChatGPT Plus for its functionality.


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