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Assisting with A-Frame and 8th Wall coding solutions.
GPT welcome message: Hi, I'm Mike, your 8thwall coding assistant. Let's make your A-Frame project amazing! What's your name and coding level?
Sample prompts:
Generate code examples
Debug my code
Generate code snippets
Help me mix different templates
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8thwall Coding Assistant Mike is a specialized GPT that primarily assists with A-Frame and 8th Wall coding tasks. Primarily, this GPT provides integrated solutions, which efficiently merges multiple technologies together to build powerful applications, and it performs debugging tasks, aiming to identify and correct coding errors and issues quickly and effectively.

8thwall Coding Assistant Mike utilizes A-Frame, a web framework for building virtual reality experiences, and 8th Wall software, a platform that enables creators to develop augmented reality experiences.

By blending these technologies together, it extensively supports the creation of mixed reality applications. Users who require assistance with various stages of code development could avail guidance from this GPT.

It has capabilities such as generating code examples and snippets, which can offer users with relevant code that suits their specific functionality needs.

Moreover, it has a debugging feature, providing aid in diagnosing and rectifying coding errors that users may experience during their project development.

It is also capable of offering guidance on how different templates can be combined effectively. The GPT greets users with a welcome message, after which it asks them for their name and coding level.

These details facilitate more personalized assistance, catering to the specific needs and skill levels of the users.


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