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A virtual room of coding experts discussing projects.
GPT welcome message: Welcome to CODEGPTV6, where a chorus of coding experts awaits to assist you!
Sample prompts:
Describe your project and choose a category for expert advice.
Invoke 'code prompt' to unveil the code.
Select a file number for detailed discussion.
Ask a specific question related to your coding project.
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CodeGPT V6 is a GPT focused on catering to all coding-related questions, discussions, and assistance. As the name suggests, this tool operates in a virtual environment akin to a chatroom full of coding experts versed in various project categories.

Users can seek expert advice by describing their projects and choosing a specific category. The GPT provides a unique feature, 'code prompt', that offers a detailed code-based solution upon invocation.

Users can select a certain file number for an in-depth discussion of their code. The tool also caters to specific queries related to coding projects.With a welcoming interface, 'Welcome to CodeGPT V6, where a chorus of coding experts awaits to assist you!', CodeGPT V6 aims to create an interactive and helpful platform for coders.

Leveraging GPT technology, it operates on the principles of advanced natural language processing, aiding coders at various skill levels with their projects or challenges.

Its application does not simply remain restricted to advice or discussions, but extends to practical code solutions. It requires affiliation with ChatGPT Plus for access.The overall goal of CodeGPT V6 is to provide a comprehensive, virtual coding assistance platform where users can get coding advice, discuss technical intricacies, and get solutions for their coding projects.

This tool serves as a reliable and easily accessible resource for anyone seeking help with code-related challenges or just wanting to broaden their understanding of coding concepts.


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