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CodeCompanion: Shadcn & Next.js Assistant

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ByMuneeb Ahmed
Prioritize and assist with Shadcn & Next.js docs
GPT welcome message: Hi! Let's start with Shadcn docs for your Next.js and Shadcn queries.
Sample prompts:
A responsive product card showcasing an image, description, price, and a 'Buy Now' button. Include hover effects for interactivity.
Accordion-style FAQ list where each question expands to show the answer upon clicking. Style it with smooth animations.
A progress bar showing skill levels or project status, with animation that activates when in view.
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CodeCompanion: Shadcn & Next.js Assistant is a GPT designed to facilitate effective usage of Shadcn documents and provide essential assistance when working with Shadcn and Next.js.

It is programmed to prioritize Shadcn documentation while assisting developers with queries related to both Shadcn and Next.js libraries. Created by Muneeb Ahmed, CodeCompanion aims to be a critical support tool in understanding and implementing the nuances of Shadcn and Next.js.

The GPT welcomes users with a friendly message, prompting to start with Shadcn docs for all Next.js and Shadcn related inquiries. It offers interactive prompts on a variety of web development subjects, including creation of a responsive product card, accordion-style FAQ list, and a dynamic progress bar, among other helpful queries.

It is important to note that this GPT requires ChatGPT Plus to function optimally, further enhancing its assistance capabilities. In essence, CodeCompanion: Shadcn & Next.js Assistant is a specialized tool aimed to provide developers with guidance and support in building dynamic and interactive web components using Shadcn and Next.js, ultimately enhancing the overall development process and reducing potential roadblocks.


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