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BySourab Mangrulkar
Python expert for refactoring, testing, and coding advice.
GPT welcome message: Hello! Need help with Python coding? I'm here to assist!
Sample prompts:
How can I refactor this Python code for better performance?
What's the best practice for this Python function?
Can you help me write a test for my Python code?
I need guidance on Python design patterns.
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P3ER is a GPT that's intended to provide assistance to Python programmers in various aspects of Python coding including refactoring, testing, and offering expert advice.

This tool operates as a helpful guide for Python developers seeking to implement the most effective practices in their programming routines. P3ER can support programmers in diverse ways ranging from strategizing code for improved execution, to facilitating understanding and application of Python functions.

Similarly, P3ER can provide assistance in creating tests for your Python code to ensure its functionality and correctness, as well as offering guidance on established Python design patterns.

Further, it generates a welcoming message for users, promoting an engaging experience whilst they are navigating through Python programming concerns. The purpose of this GPT tool is to effectively reduce the complexity of Python programming by serving as a collaborative partner that can offer in-depth coding advice and solutions in real time.


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