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Debug smarter, not harder with FixMyCode's multi-language support.
Sample prompts:
Paste your Python script and let FixMyCode find and fix it.
Paste your Java code and let FixMyCode find and fix it.
"I'm getting a syntax error in my JavaScript function. What's wrong with it?"
Paste your C++ code to ensure it's secure by checking for vulnerabilities?"
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FixMyCode is a GPT that specializes in providing coding assistance. It offers debugging services for developers of various programming languages, becoming an important tool for those who write Python, Java, JavaScript, or C++ code, among others.

This AI-powered tool can help you identify and fix problems in your script. With its sophisticated computing skills, you simply paste your code and it assists in diagnosing where the issue lies, suggesting possible solutions.

FixMyCode also ensures security by checking for vulnerabilities in C++ codes. Beyond being merely a debugging tool, FixMyCode offers the user essential expert advice on coding which can prove beneficial for enhancing coding skills.

This tool operates with ChatGPT and requires signing up to the ChatGPT Plus for access. Once registered, the user can take advantage of the prompt starters to solve common coding problems.

In essence, FixMyCode acts as a smart, automated coding assistant, helping developers debug and secure their programs effectively. This GPT makes a notable contribution to ensuring coding fluency and security assurance in a programming environment.


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