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Code retrieval assistant.
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ThatOneThing is a desktop application powered by AI, specifically designed to help programmers recall specific forgotten programming concepts or codes.

The AI-powered tool targets programming languages such as JS, Python, HTML, C, C++, Java, and Kotlin. However, it is not limited to these programming languages alone.

To use ThatOneThing, one needs to have JavaScript enabled in their browser settings. The tool is not a plug-in but a desktop application. ThatOneThing is a useful tool for programmers who want to save time by avoiding the often frustrating task of searching the internet for fragments of forgotten code.

The product is priced based on the buyer's preference. In general, ThatOneThing's AI is specially trained to work with programming languages. It searches for the forgotten code and can locate an array of specific codework as it works across the different languages.

The tool eliminates the time-consuming process of manual searches and enables programmers to be more productive. Overall, ThatOneThing is an efficient and straightforward desktop tool that simplifies programmers' lives by eliminating the need for tedious searches, specifically for small forgotten code snippets, and enabling them to use their time efficiently.


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ThatOneThing was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 26th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Desktop application
Wide language coverage
No plug-in
Speeds search process
Improves productivity
Simplifies code recalling
Finds specific codework
Enables efficient time use
Buyer-preference pricing
Works across different languages
Targets forgotten codes
Ideal for multiple languages
Targets programming patches
Must have JavaScript enabled
For forgotten programming concepts
Helps prevent tedious searches
Size 65.6 MB
Created by RangerDevv
Cover common programming languages


Desktop application only
Requires JavaScript enabled
Limited languages support
No browser plugin
No trial version
Customer ratings missing
Requires download and installation
Not open source
No APIs for integration
No mobile version


What is ThatOneThing?
How does ThatOneThing use AI to assist programmers?
What programming languages does ThatOneThing support?
What is the main functionality of ThatOneThing?
Is ThatOneThing a browser plug-in or a desktop application?
Why do I have to enable JavaScript in my browser settings to use ThatOneThing?
How can ThatOneThing help me save time while programming?
Does ThatOneThing only work with certain programming languages?
Is ThatOneThing able to retrieve code snippets across different programming languages?
How does ThatOneThing determine and search for the forgotten code?
What makes ThatOneThing different from other coding assistants?
Can I choose the price to pay for ThatOneThing?
Is ThatOneThing in-stock and where can I buy it?
Is the tool only for professional coders or can student coders also benefit?
How efficient is ThatOneThing for code retrieval compared to manual searches?
Is ThatOneThing designed to work with HTML input tags?
Does the tool have an ability to provide different types of loops in Python?
What's the size of the ThatOneThing application in MB?
Does ThatOneThing work offline as a desktop application?
Is there a user rating and feedback system for ThatOneThing?

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