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Code generator with GPT4 and
GPT welcome message: Hello, how can I assist with your code?
Sample prompts:
Write a Python script
Generate HTML/CSS for
Construct a SQL query
Design a Java function
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Developer Assistant is a GPT that is designed to assist with code development. This GPT leverages the power of GPT4 and to facilitate and streamline the code generation process.

Created by Liang Mo, it specifically requires ChatGPT Plus to operate effectively. Developer Assistant GPT is constructed to be like a personal assistant for developers.

With a focus on helping individuals write and generate code, it comes with a set of prompt starters to guide users in creating scripts, HTML/CSS, SQL queries, Java functions and much more.

Beyond just helping with the generation of these codes, it is also expected to be useful for debugging purposes by providing recommendations to developers when they encounter specific challenges while coding.Welcome message of Developer Assistant is Hello, how can I assist with your code? and this immediately emphasizes its primary function as a tool that aids programmers in their coding tasks.

The system can be interacted with through prompts as simple as 'Write a Python script' or 'Design a Java function', making it accessible for users of varying expertise levels, from beginners who are just starting out with coding to seasoned professionals who need a more efficient way to generate complex codes.

Developer Assistant, being a GPT, operates via ChatGPT and requires users to sign up before they can tap into its capabilities. It stands out as a technologically advanced tool designed to make coding faster, less stressful and more efficient for users.


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